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Chautauqua Talks

Chautauqua talks - Cardston

Date: June 15, 2018


1:15pm Residential Schools

Speaker: Dexter Bruised Head
Description: Speaking about the affects that residential schools had his family. Some went to residential schools and others did not.
Location: Remington Carriage Museum

2:00pm Archaeological Finds at St. Mary Resevoir

Speaker: Shayne Tolman
Description: Presentation about the archaeological finds that took place at St. Marys in and around Walleys Beach.
Location: Remington Carriage Museum

2:00pm Benefits of Large Families

Speaker: Heather Burton
Location: Courthouse & Heritage Museum

3:00pm Deer Safety, Deer Proofing Your Yard

Speaker: TBD
Description: Talking about deer in Cardston what people can do and what may have caused a change in deer population.
Location: Remington Carriage Museum

3:00pm The Builder's Birthday Party, A Celebration of the Life of S.S. Newton

Speaker: Donald Newton
Location: Courthouse & Heritage Museum

4:00pm Israel, Yesterday & Today

Speaker: Dr. Kimball Taylor
Location: Courthouse & Heritage Museum

Chautauqua talks - magrath

Date: June 16, 2018


10:00am “Farmers for America” Film Screening and Panel Discussion on “The Future of Canadian Agriculture”

Location: Magrath Seniors Centre

2:00pm Southern Alberta History: Personalizing the Past

Speaker: Lynn Rosenvall, LeRoy Whitehead and others
Description: The prominent former University of Calgary professor, Lynn Rosenvall, and Queens University professor, LeRoy Whitehead and others will speak about the history of this area, and about its relevance in economic, social and other terms today.
Location: Magrath Fishpond/Galt Canal Area

2:00pm Oldman Watershed Council Interactive Activities

Location: Along Pothole Creek at the Fish Pond

2:30pm Native Dance Discussion and Demonstration

Location: Fish Pond

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